Thank you for helping us kick off our western team meeting.  Awesome presentation!  A great introduction to our city for 40 first-time visitors, including Headquarters management from Toronto.

I’ve never seen them so attentive at an 8 a.m. start of a sales conference, and they had nothing but positive, enthusiastic feedback.  Thanks for making me look so good!!!

Rob TaggartIBM Western RegionVictoria, BC

A good overview of some of our early history and pioneers.  You drew many positive comments . . . and the largest crowd we have ever had at a General Meeting!

Gerry PoultonSecretary, Victoria Genealogical Society

Excellent! Your enthusiasm for your subject certainly comes across . . . you had our members hanging on every word!

Colin J. AllenPROBUS ClubVictoria, BC

Emily Carr really came to life . . . You sure know how to tell a good story!

A. L. FinkelPowell River, BC

Really enjoyed the coach trip to Chemainus and Duncan. You have such an easy, entertaining style. Best day of our whole vacation!

C. and L. RikkinenRichmond, BC.

A most entertaining description of the beginnings of Victoria. This has been the highlight of our visit!

George and Elizabeth MellickQueensland, Australia.

What an education! We have a whole new appreciation of the history of this area.

Elisabeth, Vernon, Jon and Shari NeppeSeattle, WA.