Danda’s Books

Danda’s knack for colourful, no-nonsense writing makes history come alive! The people she writes about are real. We sympathize with them, marvel at them, enjoy them . . . and through their stories, experience their lives, their loves, and the legends they left behind.



 Danda’s first three books, On The Street Where You Live, Volumes I, II and III ($34.95 hardcover) were B.C. success stories within weeks of publication. These hard-cover, coffee table books introduced us to many of the colourful characters who were drawn to the southern tip of Vancouver Island – the people behind Victoria’s street names.



Building Victoria: Men, Myths and Mortar (($24.95 softcover) shows how the history of Victoria is preserved in its downtown heritage buildings. They stand as mute reminders of a bygone era, providing a peek into our past and a glimpse at the lives of the men who owned, designed and inhabited them. A must-read for intrepid urban explorers, Building Victoria looks behind the bricks and mortar, uncovering Victoria’s history as it goes. Includes a  locations map.



Government Street, Victoria’s Heritage Mile ($24.95 softcover) celebrates the City of Victoria’s 150th birthday and beyond. At one end of Government Street is the oldest Chinatown in Canada. At the other, the Juan de Fuca Strait that separates us from the United States of America. The stories in this book are about the early Hudson’s Bay Company employees, merchants and residents who once lived and worked along Victoria’s Heritage Mile. Illustrated with  beautiful old hand-coloured postcards matched by modern, same photos


Tour Guide Tales

“Tour Guide Tales” ($20 softcover, order direct from Danda)

If you have ever travelled, either on your own or with a group, you’ll enjoy this book! Tour Guide Tales is a collection of real tales told by real people – ­tour guides, tour directors and tour managers from across Canada. The stories, edited by Danda Humphreys and illustrated by Elke Hierl-Steinbauer, will make you chuckle, nod in agreement, shake your head in disbelief, maybe even a shed a tear a two.

It’s a fun read and a great gift! Enjoy this unique collection of Canadian tour guide tales!